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Glitchet Community: Visual artist Nikzad Arabshahi, Refactor, published in Glitchet magazine, ISSUE 1.10
Refactor, published in Glitchet magazine, ISSUE 1.10

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Refactor (AV Installation) Exhibition

Refactor (Audio-Visual Installation) - Nikzad Arabshahi - Vedad Famourzadeh Place: Art-lounge (Iranshahr Gallery)

Title : Refactor Audio-Visual installation
A piece by : Nikzad Arabshahi & Vedad FamourZadeh
Artistic director and sponsor : Mojdeh Tabatabaee
Assistant to the director: Behjat Kariman
Place: Iranshahr Gallery Time : 9 to 16 December 20160

We have benefited from sessions of philosophical exchange of views with Arvin Sedaghat Kish, Meisam SefidKhosh and Mohsen Mirmehdi and we are indebted to them. We are thankful to Omid Tofighian, Mehrnaz Khorami, Peter Pirhossienlou, Mobasher Niqui, Sadra Keyhani and Babak Mohammadi for their kind-hearted friendship and support. We cherish support of Mojdeh Gallery and we thank Iranshahr Gallery for their cooperation.

Refactor ExhibitionPlace: Art-lounge (Iranshahr Gallery)
Refactor exhibition-2Place: Art-lounge (Iranshahr Gallery)
Refactor exhibition-3Place: Art-lounge (Iranshahr Gallery)

Installation of Refactor project

Refactor Installation - Design
Refactor - Installationplace: Art-lounge (Iranshahr Gallery)
Refactor - Installation-2place: Art-lounge (Iranshahr Gallery)
Refactor Installation-3place: Art-lounge (Iranshahr Gallery)
Refactor Installation-4place: Art-lounge (Iranshahr Gallery)
Refactor Installation-5place: Art-lounge (Iranshahr Gallery)
Refactor Installation-6place: Art-lounge (Iranshahr Gallery)

(DIP-DSP) Audio-Visual Interactive Performance

Audio-Visual Interactive PerformanceVisual design by: Nikzad Arabshahi, Sound design by: Peter Pirhosseinlou
(DIP-DSP) Audio-Visual Interactive Performance

(Burden - Visual Performance), Visual Design by: Nikzad Arabshahi, choreography by: Sorosh Kariminezhad, Director: Gelareh Reyhani

Burden - Visual performancevisual design by: Nikzad Arabshahi, choreographer: Sorosh Kariminezhad, Director: Gelareh Reyhani
Burden - Visual performance-2
Burden - Visual performance-3
Burden - Visual performance-4
Burden - Visual performance-5
Burden - Visual performance-6
Burden - Visual performance-7

House of the Nobleman - London

Two pieces of Neodrawing collection in House of The NoblemanHouse of the Nobleman is an elite, multi-faceted arts organization offering arts advisory, curatorial services, and private dealership. We organize privatelysponsored, satellite art exhibitions and corresponding events to build brand awareness for a diverse clientele, including property developers and owners, luxury brands, and private banks. We also facilitate private deals between collectors and provide expert art advice to our clients.

Abstraction & Expression Exhibition - {Complex) - Pardis Mellat Gallery

Abstraction & Expression Exhibition - Poster
Abstraction & Expression Exhibition - {Complex) - Pardis Mellat Gallery-1
Abstraction & Expression Exhibition - {Complex) - Pardis Mellat Gallery-2
Abstraction & Expression Exhibition - {Complex) - Pardis Mellat Gallery-3
Abstraction & Expression Exhibition - {Complex) - Pardis Mellat Gallery-4

Chlordiazepoxide - Exhibition - Etemad Gallery

Chlordiazepoxide - Exhibition - Etemad Gallery-2
Chlordiazepoxide - Exhibition - Etemad Gallery-3
Chlordiazepoxide - Exhibition - Etemad Gallery-4
Chlordiazepoxide - Exhibition - Etemad Gallery-5
Chlordiazepoxide - Exhibition - Etemad Gallery-6
Chlordiazepoxide - Exhibition - Etemad Gallery-7
Chlordiazepoxide - Exhibition - Etemad Gallery-8
Chlordiazepoxide - Exhibition - Etemad Gallery-9
Chlordiazepoxide - Exhibition - Etemad Gallery-10